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A networking site for the renewables sector

If there is a mantra for this site, then the headline says it all. The aim: to provide a reference for the expert yet remain accessible for the just-interesteds. For more information on the background to this, go here

In essence, OnGreentech is to be more of a community platform than a straightforward news site (for help on how to rate, follow, and post go here). This is what it does and what you can do with it:


Create and build your own profile. Build authority points by adding in projects you have worked on, or rating wind turbines, or contributing other content

Users get a tailored news service based on what products or companies they have followed. Additionally, they can build up their own rating based on how many products or news stories have been filed or rated, or submissions to the glossary section of the site.

Expect to see this aspect of OnGreentech evolve as the site expands.


An interactive product and company finder, enabling the user to browse for particular renewable energy products. These can be viewed in more detail. Additionally, registered users will be able to add/ edit products. Currently, this is limited to wind power, but expect it to expand into other areas.

Go here to view the policy for creating and editing content.


Registered users can rate products based on a series of pre-selected criteria with those ratings averaged out across the user base to get the OGT score. This score is also combined into the manufacturer's overall rating.


This site will publish news stories, albeit in a shortened form. Additionally, registered users will have the ability to publish their own stories. Registered users can also vote on stories in a similar way to Reddit.

Solar, Tidal, and other sectors

As things stand, this site is primarily developed around the wind power sector. Other sectors and different types of technology will follow.


Currently, there is an ability for registered users to add wind turbines and projects. Any data collected through this will be made available under the terms of the MIT open source license. It will be downloadable as a csv file.

If there is anything you like, or don't, or would like to see added please feel free to get in touch.