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Content creation guidelines

Content submission on OnGreentech is split into four areas. Registered users can submit stories to any of them. There are certain specific protocols for each one. However, the overriding concern is that it should concern renewable energy.

News links

News is effectively designed to be a run-through of the headlines. It must contain a tag with the relevant technology. However, it is possible to paste in press releases along with a link to further information (5 points).

Posts and analysis

Basically, this should be over 400 words. More importantly, it is not a place to cut and paste press releases or other promotional copy. There are no problems referencing a product, but it must be done from any editorial perspective. If you need help with this then feel free to get in touch.

To recap, blog posts or analysis should be long-form posts about the renewable energy sector. Anything outside of this description will be removed. Remember, it's easier to take something down than to put it up.


As has been written elsewhere, product ratings are designed to be based on objective opinion. It should go without saying that we know who is voting for what, and what they are voting for. If it's a case of rating 20 for one brand of turbine and -20 for everything else then that user will be removed.

OnGreentech reserves the right the removed any user - and thus their content - from the site.

To get in touch email or alternatively use the social media links at the bottom of this page.