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Wind Power Top 10 Index

All of the leagues below are based on average scores through OnGreentech's wind turbine rating system. Ratings cover manufacturer reputation and servicing, turbine design, blade and drive train. Join OnGreentech to add your own scores and increase your knowhow rating.

Top 10 biggest wind turbines in the world

OnGreentech's feature on the world's biggest wind turbines, including the MHI-Vestas V164 and the Siemens 8MW.

Best wind turbine companies

The top wind power manufacturers based on the average rating across its range of turbines.

Best wind turbine

The highest rated wind turbine across OnGreentech, including offshore and onshore.

Lowest scoring wind turbine (registered users only)

The lowest scoring turbine. Wind turbines currently propping up the bottomg of the table include products from United Power and Sinovel.

Best offshore wind turbine (registered users only)

The best offshore turbine. Being new does not necessarily mean you have the highest rating, although it definitely helps. It goes without saying Siemens and MHI-Vestas feature here, but there are some interesting aces in the pack.

Lowest scoring wind turbine companies (registered users only)

Perhaps unfairly, but some of China's manufacturers appear to feature heavily here. This league could also be known as the wind turbine manufacturer's graveyard.

High wind onshore wind turbines (registered users only)

The undisputed leader here is a wind turbine that could arguably be titled the Big Daddy of onshore wind power.